I need to get up but the cats are sleeping on me: a modern tragedy

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bloodredmarksman replied to your post:urge to kiss monsters rising

//*shoves Jaxon at you*

Hehe! He ain’t my type!

theladydracula replied to your post:urge to kiss monsters rising

Kiss all the monsters!! I wanna kiss a slime and see if they have a flavor

I wanna kiss sooo many monsters

urge to kiss monsters




the fuck

who ever made this was high as fuck

I wonder what it would be like to kiss Mana.

Like I imagine your mouth would like sort of eat his li’l chompers so you could actually lock lips with him but I dunno.

And for that matter, how the hell would you kiss Kita? His mouth is like on the outside.

I just wanna kiss monsters really badly you guys. ;3;


The band was interviewed in Russia last week. Too bad we can’t find any videos online.. Only these two screen shots.




i was gonna attempt to finish this fanfic but i sorta kinda just lost the will to do anything ever

You gotta finish what you started, mainly cause I’ll cry if you don’t ;-;

I’ll finish it once my inspiration comes back right now it’s just |: